What we're about:


As a nonprofit organization, we are supported by the community &  we support the community.  75% of our donated goods are given back to other organizations within the community!


Wideangle provides affordable equipment and film education, lowering barriers to entry for a successful career in film and television.


Wideangle Prop House seeks to prevent the immense amount of waste within the entertainment business.  It accepts donations of all kinds, especially from productions, and will even come clear out storage units for productions!


Wideangle’s accessibility to education and equipment, seeks to promote diversity and the presence of all voices in the entertainment business.


Access to education, mentoring and affordable equipment = greater creative expression.  That simple!


Wideangle will provide affordable education for all things filmmaking- from screenwriting, to acting, to video production, to editing.  We aim to bring education to all those that seek it!

Our Vision

We envision a film and media industry that is sustainable and diverse.  Wide Angle Film Center seeks to fulfill our vision by implementing three programs: a sustainable property house, a film equipment rental house, and an educational center.

The sad truth about the film and media industry is that often, due to time constraints, it is easy to simply throw away materials at the end of a production. Wide Angle Film Center will drastically reduce this waste in the southern California community by offering tax deduction for these items, and even transporting them back to our offices.  Wide Angle will then donate 75% of it’s items to other local charities that are in need.  The other 25% will stay in-house as inventory for (very) affordable rental within the entertainment industry.

Along with the property house, the educational center and equipment rental house will also support the community.  The educational center will provide affordable classes on various topics within filmmaking, animation, design, and photography.  These affordable classes will be much more accessible than similar classes offered at universities.  In addition, our film center will feature a YOUTH EDUCATION program that offers a filmmaking education to students in high schools without film and video curriculum.  This is a program that we are extremely excited to launch!

Lastly, Wide Angle Film Center will also offer an equipment rental house, where filmmaking equipment can be rented at rates far below those at local equipment rental facilities.  We will eventually have a vast inventory of cameras, video and film, lights, grip equipment, sound equipment, and visual effects equipment.

We believe that ACCESS to sustainable, affordable equipment and education is paramount to inspiring diversity, both behind the camera and in creative content itself.  After all, “If you build it they will come”, right? We hope so!

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